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Strong evaluation plans result in strong evaluations.

We at Professional Data Analysts, Inc. take the time to get to know you, your program and your needs before we begin. We often meet with staff and conduct site visits to learn more about your program. We are prepared to guide you through the process of developing an evaluation. We believe a good evaluation is tailored to match the program’s maturation level, as well as the fiscal and staff resources available.

PDA draws on a wide range of approaches in the field to plan and conduct evaluations and statistical analyses. We are here to help you determine which approach is right for you.


Our team believes it is important to select data collection tools and methods that will meet your unique needs. We consider the type of information you want to collect, the characteristics of your target population, along with the constraints of budget, time, access, and resources.

We maintain an extensive library of surveys, interviews, measurement tools and inventories that can be customized for your evaluation. We are experienced in designing custom surveys and data collection instruments to meet your specific needs. We also conduct literature searches to find the latest developments and most up-to-date resources in the field.

Our data collection, management and storage procedures provide assurance that data collected will be captured, stored and verified precisely as it was given. We are skilled at conducting telephone, mail and web-based surveys, focus groups, interviews, and observation of participants. PDA houses the latest in statistical software, server protection and backup procedures to ensure the integrity and security of your data. We also employ stringent HIPAA compliance procedures that exceed governmental requirements.

Data Analysis

PDA uses the most rigorous methodology to uncover results, both anticipated and unanticipated. We draw upon our statistical and methodological expertise, as well as the knowledge gained through the discovery and data analysis process. We strive for precision in formulating conclusions about your data and recommendations for future action, documentation and measurement.

Our expert staff specializes in sophisticated data analysis techniques for both quantitative and qualitative data. PDA uses quantitative techniques such as: multiple regression and correlation, analysis of variance models, factor analysis, logistic regression and discriminant analysis, trends analysis, survival analysis, clustering, hierarchical linear modeling (HLM), geocoding and mapping. We also use qualitative analysis methodological frameworks such as: phenomenology, grounded theory, narrative analysis, and methods to capture the most significant patterns. We will develop a plan to analyze your data thoroughly and efficiently to gain informative and accessible results.


Our goal is to produce reports that are meaningful for you and your stakeholders.

We will always consult with you to tailor our reports to match your needs. PDA considers the audience when producing reports to make them relevant, informative and useful. We feature high quality, easy-to-read charts, tables, and other graphics to present results at a glance.

Our reports go beyond simply producing ‘data output’- we provide ‘results’ by suggesting plausible explanations for data, drawing conclusions, and making recommendations.

Types of Reporting:

  • Written reports that include literature reviews, methods (discussion of sampling, response rates and bias analysis), data analysis, results and conclusions
  • Executive summaries
  • Conference presentations
  • Papers for submission to peer-refereed journals
  • Luncheon discussions
  • Staff retreats to review and interpret evaluation findings


We are committed to fostering ongoing evaluation in client organizations and we are experienced at collecting reliable information that is useful for programmatic decision making. Our goal is to help you gain insight and develop strategies to improve your programs based on the work we have done together.

PDA believes that evaluation and statistical reports are meant to be used, not to be filed on a shelf. We take the time to produce meaningful recommendations to help motivate positive change within your organization. These efforts begin with a plan that is tailored to meet your specific needs and culminate with a report written with your stakeholders in mind.

Web-Based Solutions

We offer web-based solutions for data collection and data entry including platforms to collect and enter data from your location, or online data entry hosted on a secure, password protected SQL database at PDA. We are experienced at creating dynamic and interactive web-based reporting systems capable of generating tailored reports from responses to online queries using the Business Objects’ Crystal Reports®. These interactive reporting templates are available online in a password protected environment that allows varying degrees of access based on prior authorization. The actual databases are never accessible online, only the reporting capability.

Grant Making

We have extensive experience working with foundations and local, state and federal government agencies. We can assist you in developing or revising request-for-proposal materials for your funding initiatives and help you shape the funding philosophy, grant selection criteria and procedures. Investing in the development of high-quality proposal materials paves the way for successful grant making and evaluation.